Monday, September 1, 2014

Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo

My husbands favorite food. Though he doesn't eat it much do to it being not that healthy. But its really delicious. Made this in a huge rush the other day. An Italian pasta dish made chicken and broccoli in a white cheese cream sauce.

Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo
2Chicken Breast (pan fried and diced)
2 cups Broccoli (chopped)
1 box Fettuccine pasta
2 cups Heavy cream
1/2 cup Cheddar cheese paste or Cheddar cheese
5 cloves fresh crushed garlic
seasonings (olive oil, salt, pepper)

Clean and season your chicken, then fry it in a frying pan until cooked on both sides and lightly browned. Dice your cooked chicken into bite size chunks. Whilst on the mean time set a pot of water to boil. Once it boils throw in your fettuccine pasta and cook as directed on the box for 'al dente pasta' it is usually abou 10 minutes. But follow you pasta box directions.Once pasta is cooked. Drain the water and rinse the pasta in cold water, to cool. Set aside.

In a separate pot throw in your olive oil and garlic let in cook on medium heat for about 30 seconds, throw in your chicken mix throw in broccoli, season lightly with salt and pepper and let cook for about 4 minutes mixing to not burn. Add in your heavy cream and in cheddar cheese paste and turn fire to low heat and allow to cook for about 15 minutes until sauce slightly thickens. Mix every 4 minutes to not burn. (If your sauce gets too thick just add in a little milk) It needs to be a creamy sauce.

Turn fire off and get your pasta that was set aside and toss well into sauce to evenly get the sauce onto all the pasta. Serve hot. Tastes really good with garlic bread.

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From my kitchen to yours
God Bless

Saturday, August 30, 2014

'Wing Stop' Chicken wings

Don't know about you but I absolutely love this chicken wing fast food place here in America called 'Wing Stop' it is extremely delicious and you can't get enough of it. I order 12 pieces of chicken wings, eat them all and still want more... Needless to say, I was wasting a lot of money and calories eating at Wing Stop all the time. So I learned how to make them myself. After learning how easy it is to make the same exact wings I paid $20 for. I never went back to Wing Stop again. Mine are super delicious, and as you can see for yourself in the video. Its done in literally 4 minutes. The oven does the rest. No Mess...

Get the written Chicken Wing recipe here

From my kitchen to yours
God Bless

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

'In the kitchen with Elise' Contest

Look at the new blog shirt, isn't it cute? I had it made with the new 'In the kitchen with Elise' blog logo. I felt confident in it and didn't stop getting compliments all day today as I wore it. I loved it, got 2 shirts made for myself. 

Guess what!!! You have a chance to win an 'In the kitchen with Elise' memorabilia too... I haven't decided yet what its going to be. Could be a shirt, hat, sweater,pen, kitchen tool, the options are endless.

Here is two ways you can win. 
  1. Starting from today until the last day of September whoever makes the most comments throughout the month on any of my blog posts will win something small
  2. Starting from today until the last day of September whoever actually tries and cooks/bakes the most of my recipes will also win, but something a little bigger (since this one is a little harder right : - ) 
Simply comment on my blog posts ( but don't forget to put your first and last name, or log into your google account before commenting) or cook, bake any of my recipes and email me the picture of the dishes you made at Put into practice what my blog is all about... Cooking, baking and bettering yourself in the kitchen. This is a small incentive to help you get more involved, and much more motivated in the kitchen. I'm sure it will work.

Anyone can win. No matter who you are or where you are in the world. How cool would that be, for you to win your very own 'In the Kitchen with Elise' memorabilia. Out of thousands of blog viewers... Thats amazing. 

At the end of the contest. September 30th. I will contact the winner of each contest and get your information to mail your prizes off to you. The contest starts now.

Who wants it more?

Ready,Set, Cook : - ) 
Have fun

From my kitchen to yours
God Bless

Friday, August 22, 2014

Ice cream cone cupcake

For this unique cupcake I just made a basic cake. You can do whatever flavor you want... Follow my basic cake recipe and make your favorite cake flavor. Preheat your oven to 350F or 175C Then get regular ice cream cones and fill them half way with your cake batter, place them neatly standing on a baking tray (careful not to knock them over)  and bake in the oven for 22 - 24 minutes. Remove from oven and let it cool before you frost it with your favorite frosting. Try this delicious cream cheese frosting

In this picture I used a red velvet cupcake frosted with cream cheese frosting, Super delicious and really cute.

From my kitchen to yours
God Bless

Stuffed Bread

I made this homemade bread today for a few friends and it was delicious. I rolled out the dough and filled it with turkey/ham, cream cheese, and spinach. It was honestly really good and disappeared in minutes. The fun part is that you can stuff it with whatever you want.

Try stuffing it with shredded chicken, ground meat, tuna or anything that you like putting on bread and just bake it in the dough. Quick and easy. Definitely a crowd pleaser...

Sad part is I didn't even get a chance to get a snap shot of the completed bread, it was that good...When you cut into it, its nice and soft filled with all these dibble treats

Here is my Homemade Bread dough  recipe and all you need to do is roll it out, stuff it and bake it. That simple. As you can see the dough itself is also very simple to make.

From my kitchen to yours
God bless

Monday, August 18, 2014

Grilled head of cabbage

Simple, just rinse your cabbage and cut it into thick pieces, season it with a bit of salt and pepper. Now grab a frying pan and put about 1 tbsp of butter, turn your fire on to medium low heat and put in your cabbage. Cover the frying pan and allow it to cook about 5 minutes, or until soft and starting to brown. Flip over and do the same to the other side.

Be creative and stuff it, eat it just as it is, along with a meal, sprinkle it with cheese and even bake it in the oven. You choose

From my kitchen to yours
God Bless

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Yes, a video FINALLY!!!! : - ) my blog viewers have been urging me to put up another video of how to cook. Due to my hectic schedule recently I haven't been able to. Until now : - )

Today I'm teaching you to make 'Panquecas' A delicious meat filled thin dough that melts in your mouth. Rolled up into little burrito rolls and when bitten containing a delicious  light layer of your yummy filling inside this light  and fluffy dough.

Quick and simple to make. Watch the video and cook along to get yours just as delicious.

Ingredients                                  Filling:
liquid dough:                              (seasonings of your choice: salt, pepper,garlic salt, lawry's)
1 cup milk                                  turkey minced meat OR (chicken, beef, tuna)
1 cup flour                                  onions, peppers diced
1 egg                                           shredded mozzarella cheese
                                                    1 jar tomato sauce                                      

Add in your milk and eggs first and lastly your flour, and beat all of these ingredients together in a blender for about 30 seconds or until smooth. Turn your stove onto medium heat and place your empty frying pan on there to allow it to get warm. After your pan is warm add in your blended dough 1 ladle at a time (turning your pan to allow the liquid dough to cover the entire pan) allow to cook for about 30 seconds or until bubbles form all around the dough and the edges begin to lightly brown. Flip it over and cook the other side just until just browned. About 15 seconds.

Set aside all of your dough.

In a big pot cook your meat on medium-high in a spoon of oil (cover and allow to cook until nice and browned, if it becomes too dry and begins sticking to your pot add in 1/4 cup water and allow to continue cooking) Once your meat id FULLY COOKED and completely browned add in your seasonings a little at a time ( be careful not to over salt) now add in your diced onions and peppers. Cook for another 5 minutes, turn your fire off and add in your jar of tomato sauce. Mix in and set aside.

Preheat your oven to 350F or 175C
Now form your panquecas by placing the meat in the center of your dough and rolling it into a stick-like egg roll shape. Place individually onto a pyrex. water down your tomato sauce to throw on top by adding a bit of water to your empty jar of tomato sauce, cover and shake around to get all the rest of the tomato sauce out of it. Pour this sauce on top of your panquecas in the pyrex, sprinkle some cheese on top and place into your oven for about 5 - 10 minutes or until your cheese begins to brown. Remove, decorate with what you have and serve with your favorite side dishes.

Great served with rice and black beans (Brazilian style)
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From my kitchen to yours
God Bless

Friday, August 15, 2014

Marshmallow tree

Look how unique, A friend of mine made it for a little party she was having and look how beautiful it looks. Very easy to make and cost efficient. Use something like this in your next party to treat your guests, as a part favor or just simply to enjoy.

Get a little simple box and fill the bottom with a square foam that fits into the box, get a skewer stick ( The same used for kebobs) and stick it into the foam square.Now get another foam piece but circular and stick to the top of the skewer. Get your different colored marshmallows and stick them each with toothpicks, stick your toothpicks individually into the top round foam of your skewer until it is full as pictured above. Lastly take your little bows, ribbons, fluff or anything you choose to use to cover up the skewer stick and the foam square at the bottom.

Thanks Lorena for this creative idea : - )

From my kitchen to yours
God Bless

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Simple Omelete

In a rush? Make a simple omelete to eat on bread, wrapped in lettuce or turkey slices or have it for lunch with your rice when you don't feel like making a meat or are in too much of a rush. A good omelete can have almost anything in it at one time. You can add small chunks of vegetables that you enjoy and even a few slivers of meat (turkey deli slices, left over chicken or beef from the fridge, crab meat as pictured below etc)

Throw it all together in seconds, make a yummy omelete and get going.

From my kitchen to yours
God Bless

Monday, August 11, 2014

Sugar Cookies

Get your yummy, soft & chewy homemade sugar cookies in just minutes. These cookies are so soft they literally melt in your mouth. They're quick and easy to make and definitely worth your while. Nice to have as a snack, fun to make with your kids, easy enough to make and take to work as a treat for friends or even as your movie night junkie food. However you want it, its delicious either way.

1/2 cup butter or shortening
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup white granulated sugar
1 egg
1/2 cup milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp baking soda
2 cups flour
Coating: 1/2 cup sugar ( optional add 1 tsp cinnamon and mix in together with sugar )

In a large mixing bowl, mix together your butter and both sugars until smooth, then mix in egg now mix in your milk and vanilla extract. Set Aside. 

In a separate mixing bowl combine together your baking soda and flour. Once combined mix into creamed mixture and mix well until nice and smooth. Place dough in freezer for 1 hour to harden a bit.

1 hour later - Preheat your oven to 400F/200C 
Remove your dough from the freezer and lightly roll it out and cut your cookies into the desired shape and place them onto a baking tray. (IF you don't have a rolling pin No Worries, just drop mixture by rounded teaspoonfuls a few inches apart from each other onto a baking tray and then with your hand. Lightly press each one down a bit to flatten.)

sprinkle your coating on top of your cookies and bake in the oven for 7 - 9 minutes
(Tip: If you want your cookies to last a few days and still remain soft and chewy don't forget to store them in a tightly sealed container)
From my kitchen to yours
God Bless

You Can enjoy vegetables

Damien and I have this restaurant that we often go to here in Los Angeles, CA it is a healthy restaurant that has delicious foods and serves you the perfect portion size of food. Their food is amazingly delicious, made all from scratch ingredients, fresh and the portion is 80% vegetables and 20% meat.

The point is that even though it is mostly vegetables and a tiny piece of meat, it is super delicious. You don't feel like you have to suffer through every bite of vegetables because they are all made with so much flavor.

Look at our healthy plates : - ) this is guilt free eating at its best. Believe me the food is really just as good as it looks. 

You can make your vegetables appealing at home when you cook it also. Its all in your way of making it. Let me guide you through step by step of doing whats on my plate pictured above:

Hard crouton bread:
(Garlic Butter) - Make your garlic butter by melting butter in a small pot and add in your fresh crushed garlic add in parsley, salt and pepper) mix just until melted over low heat.
Thin Slice of bread

Take your thin sliced bread and dip it lightly in your garlic butter sauce. Lay flat on an oven tray and bake in the oven for about 20 minutes or until crunchy

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Cold pasta salad

This goes great along side almost anything, nice and refreshing on a hot summers day and really tasty. Easy to do in a few simple steps. Follow the recipe below.


1/2 onion
1/2 pepper
3 cloves garlic
1 box pasta
1/ bunch parsley
4 leaves romaine lettuce
1/4 cup mayonnaise
1tsp olive oil
seasonings (salt, pepper)

In a food processor blend together your onion, pepper,and garlic (If you do not have a food processor NO PROBLEM just chop them up really tiny) set aside.

Now boil your pasta 'al dente' as described on the instructions of the box, after boiling drain the water and rinse pasta well. Place your pasta into a big bowl and add in all of your ingredients and mix well.

Your done, the combination of all of these delicious raw ingredients combined gives off a delicious flavor.
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From my kitchen to yours
God Bless

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Parsley Juice

Parsley juices are great for kidney cleansing and liver detoxifications, If you have kidney stones, liver problems or just need a good detox. This is what you need to make. Parsley is really great for that. Especially when you blend it up like this causing you to have way more parsley in just a few gulps. 

It doesn't have to be a gross drink that you can only swallow holding your nose : - ) Depending on how you make it, it can actually come out very tasty and just like regular juice adding in your favorite fruits to enhance the flavor. 


your favorite fruit (apples, strawberries, mango, pineapples, pear etc.)

Blend it all up in the blender until very smooth, taste it to see if it needs more sugar. If it is not sweet enough either add in more of your fruit or  a little sugar. If its too thick add more water. Blend until just right; then use a strainer and strain out the juice into a cup leaving out the pulp.

From my kitchen to yours
God Bless

Monday, August 4, 2014


Chocolate filling
Carrot Cupcakes

They are so simple to make, yet can be the attention of the gathering. They can be done thousands of different ways; with your favorite ingredients filled in the center, topped, stuffed, mixed in the batter and more. The option of cupcakes you can make are endless. Its one thing to make your ordinary cupcakes. But when you make them creatively and fill them with your favorite sweet treats they become amazing. Take a look at all of the different cupcakes I made within the last few weeks. They were all really delicious. Get some ideas from here and go make your own.

When your done, send me an email and share your creative cupcake creations with me so that I can see your creativity as well as share it here on my blog. Email me your cupcake pictures as well as any questions you might have about any recipe on my blog or any kitchen questions or doubts you have. I am more than happy to help.
                                        email me at

I found this cupcake hollower in 'Walmart' and fell in love with it because in one simple step you make nice sized hole in the center of your cupcake and you can fill it with a good portion of what you enjoy best.

I made a moist carrot cake filled with chocolate. really delicious. Make your own carrot cake by following one of these 2 recipes below.
(just add 2 carrots and a pinch of cinnamon to this recipe)
Oreo Cupcake
Oreo Cupcakes with Icing and whole oreo on top
Cookie Butter Cupcake

Peanut butter and jelly cup

Vanilla Cupcake with cream cheese frosting

From my kitchen to yours
God Bless

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Don't be afraid

Don't get all nervous, or be too afraid to try... Mistakes happen so just go ahead and try a new recipe, try what you like eating but seems too hard to make.

From my kitchen to yours
God Bless

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Egg in a mug

My grandmother used to make this for me almost every morning when I woke up. This was one of my favorite light snacks or breakfast foods. Its so simple to make, but its so creamy and delicious leaving you to want more. When it was done I would be looking in the cup all sad because its finished kkkkkk..... really yummy try it for yourself or for your kids. A really good source of protein.


1 egg
1/2 tsp butter
pinch salt
pinch ground black pepper

Boil your whole egg for about 20 minutes or until the shell starts to crack. Remove the shel once boiled and put the entire egg into a mug and add in your butter, salt and pepper, with a spoon mash it up.

Your done, delicious, quick and easy
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From my kitchen to yours
God Bless

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Healthy Meal Replacement Shake

This shake is delicious and is great for those days that you are in a rush and don't have time to make something to eat for breakfast or are on the run during the day and don't have time to stop and get something. It's extremely filling, super healthy it gives you 4 portions of your recommended daily fruits and vegetables intake.

1 whole banana
1/2 avocado
1 apple
about 3 full kale leaves
1 cup milk
1 tbsp sugar ( optional)

Wash everything first, then If you have a juicer you can go ahead and juice the kale and the apples together as pictured below

If you do not have a juicer no problem just put it all into the blender and then at the end use a strainer when pouring out the juice so that it can be smooth and creamy.

after juicing the apple and kale in a blender put the rest of your ingredients and blend until very smooth. If you feel the mixture is too thick add a little more milk. I suggest you do not add sugar at first and try it and see if it is sweet enough, because the mixture will get its sweetness from the apples. But if you feel it needs more sugar go ahead and add in your sugar.

Your done that simple.
From my kitchen to yours
God Bless

Monday, July 28, 2014

Salt Crusted Chicken

This recipe is amazing and leaves the chicken to bake inside of a hidden crust made of salt and comes out tasting amazing. Follow the simple recipe:


1 whole chicken
2 full jars of salt
1 lemon zest
1 bunch parsley chopped up
3 garlic cloves crushed
2 tbsp oil

Preheat oven to 350F or 170 C. Take your whole chicken and clean it well. But do not season it, or poke holes in the skin. It will grab the flavor from the salt crust. Once your whole chicken is cleaned (Make sure you leave the skin on and do not puncture it at all. You must leave the skin fully on as this will be what protects the chicken from being over salted  - the salt cannot touch the chicken itself; only the skin)

Once cleaned, set your chicken aside and make your salt crust by pouring into a big bowl all of your salt, your lemon zest ( which is the skin of the lemon shredded into very tiny pieces) oil and your garlic, parsley pieces mix it all in with your hands until well incorporated;add in a few drops of water at a time and keep mixing with your hand until your salt is moldable and resembles wet sand. ( you know the sand you use at the beach to build your favorite things... yes this is what it needs to feel like)  Now put your chicken into a baking tray and cover it with this salt crust. Try to cover it as loosely as possible and DO NOT press it down to pack it in. Do it as a loose crust. Too much pressing down will lead to it over salting your chicken, DO NOT put salt crust at the bottom of the tray or on the sides as this will also create and overly salted chicken. (Do as pictured above)

Now bake in the oven for about 2 hours 30 minutes to 3 hours to make sure that your chicken is cooked. Once cooked your crust will become very hard. You will need a knife to break it off. Once you break off the crust, remove the chicken and dust off any salt crumbs that fell onto your chicken.
Taste the chicken and see if the flavor is good ( IF by any chance you ended up with an extremely salted chicken; don't freak out. Just lightly wash your cooked chicken under warm running water to remove the saltiness and rebuke for a few extra minutes to brown)

Place it in another baking container and bake for another 20 minutes uncovered to allow it to brown a little in the oven. Your done, serve it with your favorite side dishes and your ready to go.  delicious, tender flavorful chicken.
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From my kitchen to yours
God bless

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Steamed Salmon

Look at how unique and yet simple it is to make this steamed Salmon. Ready in less than 15 minutes and individually wrapped and steamed in its own marinade. Allowing the flavor to absorb and cook into it. Really a tasty way to eat your salmon. Very full of flavor, extremely moist and juicy.

To make this, you will need:
Salmon fillets
1 tsp soy sauce (per salmon fillet)
1 tsp white wine (per salmon fillet)
Seasonings such as: salt, white pepper, oregano, sesame seeds, garlic powder

Take aluminum foil and tear them into nice sized square pieces. Each to fit 1 piece of salmon; Brush each piece of foil with your finger lightly with oil, so that the salmon won't stick to the foil. Take your salmon and place it into the center of the foil as pictured above. One at a time season it individually whilst in the foil.

(it will help for you to cup the foil as for the liquids not to spill out.) start by sprinkling a pinch of each of your seasonings on every piece of salmon your salt,  pepper, garlic powder, oregano and sesame seeds, soy sauce and cooking wine all on top of your salmon fillet. (NO need to flip over and do the other side, just season the top) Now close all of your salmon pieces inside of the aluminum foil as pictured below (ensuring that it is tightly closed as to not have all your delicious seasonings to spill out)

Get a pot and a strainer to create a double boiler. Turn your fire on high heat (This is done by getting a pot and putting water in it, and then getting a strainer with holes to sit your salmon on, so that it doesn't directly touch the water. Your salmon will be sitting on the strainer as pictured below getting the steam from the water underneath it.) Cover and let steam for about 13 minutes.

You will know that your salmon is cooked because salmon is naturally a dark pinkish color. When  cooked it becomes a very pale pink color. 
Be sure to not overcook your salmon because this will make it dry and tough.

From my kitchen to yours
God Bless

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Herb crusted chicken

I made this Herb crusted chicken the other day and couldn't stop thinking about it. My husband loved it.Quick and easy to make in just a few simple steps.This chicken has so much flavor from the mixture of herbs and yet remains very juicy because of the cracker crust protection over it. Enjoy this with rice, potatoes, pasta, alone or with just about anything. It will light up any side dish served alongside it.

Here is how you can make this:

1 tray Chicken thighs ( preferably boneless)
1 pack salt crackers ( any salt crackers are fine 'Ritz','Town house')
1/2 onion
1/2 green pepper
4 cloves garlic
3 fresh basil leaves
seasonings: olive oil, salt, pepper,sage,oregano

Preheat oven to 350F/170C

Take your salt crackers and crumble them into a plate or bowl. Set aside.

clean your chicken and then lightly season it with  your salt, pepper, sage & oregano powders and a drizzle of olive oil to help the seasonings to stick.

Then take a food processor (or a blender for those of you who do not own a food processor) and throw in your onion, pepper, garlic & basil and process or blend until it is a type of liquidy paste. Take this paste and rub it one by one all over your chicken thighs until they are all well covered . Take each chicken one by one and pat them down onto the cracker crumble that you had set aside. For it to cover the chicken as pictured above. do the same to both sides of the chicken.
Now place it in the oven uncovered for about 45 minutes or until the chicken is fully cooked. Enjoy

From my kitchen to yours
God Bless

Friday, June 13, 2014

Is the quickest way always the best way? Part III

As you have been following my posts, in the continuation to the topic of: Is it better to do things in a quick and easy way, or to go the extra mile and do it the harder yet longer way? As I mentioned in the last post the easy way is not always best. Those who achieved great things in life had to push through hard situations to make something of themselves. As in the picture below. I love what it says. It captivates the message of what I am talking about 'Go over, go under, go around, or go through. But never give up'.

Now bringing this message to a cooking stand point, As this is a cooking blog after all...  It is never good to take the easy route even when cooking. I understand that at times we can be really busy and have lots to do. No one wants to spend their entire day in a kitchen in front of a stove. I completely understand that. But to become a person who does everything in the kitchen in a too easy, laid back fashion is also not good. 

"When does practical become too practical?" 

When cooking always take your time with each thing. If you are washing the dishes - wash it thoroughly. Don't rush through it. When you cook a meal - Do just that, cook the meal... take your time and season it with your salt, pepper, parsley, garlic, onion, paprika, lemon pepper, spices and whatever seasonings you enjoy. Don't just grab a seasoning bag with a million seasonings mixed into one and use that.You don't know how much % of each seasoning is in that jar, sachet or cube, it may contain all sorts of other seasonings that may not be healthy for your body such as Monosoduim Glutamate (MSG) which is found in most seasoning mixes, (More on that another day). Don't just grab a pre seasoned anything, whether it be jar, cube, sachet or whatever else. Create your own homemade. Cook your food over the fire/stove or in the oven. Take your time and follow the recipe paying attention to every detail, why rush through it?

Don't try to find the quickest way to do it just to get it done and over with. It takes away from that delicious home made taste; compromises the healthiness of the dish, as well as making you too practical of a person. Anything done in excess is wrong. There needs to be a balance. For instance - I have seen people cooking almost everything in the microwave 'literally' scrambled eggs, omelets, chicken, fish, hot dogs, all sorts of vegetables, rice, mashed potatoes, desserts etc. I mean not heating up an already cooked meal. But actually getting these things raw and actually cooking it in the microwave. With a stove and an oven right there in front of them. Because its quicker... I have seen others buying their meat already pre-seasoned for them, buying rice, veggies and everything else already pre cut, pre seasoned etc. These things are not good for your health. 
The 1950s women
The 2014 woman
Since when has humanity revolutionized so much that we don't even have time to cook a decent HOME MADE meal anymore. The grocery store has to pick out, cut, season, wash and half way cook the food for us too? next were going to have machines in the kitchen cooking the meals and setting the table too.  If you take a look back from the times of the bible all the way to your parents or grandparents. Meals were done fresh, at home, cooked from scratch with no additives, not pre-cut, pre seasoned, pre cooked, microwave zapped or anything else. No... the food was done with care and patience, tender, full of taste, fresh, and aromatic. Because everything was done with love and from beginning to end. These women or men were not looking to find the quickest way to get it done and over with. They were looking for the best way to provide a delicious meal for their family. We need to do the same.

Don't choose the quick way in the kitchen, decide to choose the better way
'Go the extra mile, its less crowded'
From my kitchen to yours
God bless

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Is the quickest way always the best way? Part II

Of course, on any given day a person in their right mind would want to take the quick or easy way out of anything. Thats human nature. But Unique - is to be the person who does differently. The one who goes against the wave and chooses to take the harder path knowingly. Positive that it will give a more rewarding result.

Take a look at history. Those who were successful in achieving something big, had to think outside the box; persevere beyond their own limitations and reach toward a goal even higher then themselves. It was never easy... Research their story, walk a day in their shoes, ask the questions. I guarantee that each one will tell you the same thing.

'It is hard to achieve the impossible'

Albert Einstein - Insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results
Thomas Edison - I haven't failed I just found 10,000 ways that don't work
Richard Branson - failure is just a reason to try again
Apostle Paul - I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith
Jesus - Please take this cup from me, but nevertheless let not my will but yours be done.
Milton Berle - If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.

In all of these quotes you see behind it difficult moments in their lives. Hurdels they had to jump over, tears they had to cry. All for this greater purpose they endured. So 'Is the quickest way always the best way?' No! Defiently not.
If you want results to look back at and be proud of, you definitely will need to take that hard road ahead.

I know this is a cooking blog, but hang on I am going somewhere with this

Follow the continuation in part III tomorrow

Is the quickest way always the best way?

There is always the 'Easy way' and the 'Hard way'. This applies for everything in life. You will always have these two options in front of you to choose from. Do something quicker and get it out of the way or work harder, push stronger, exert all your energy and get it done better, but take a little longer. 

Taking the 'Easy' Road
  • choosing not to get married or stay married because 'it's too hard' to maintain
  • follow the crowd, use drugs, drink, smoke & party because thats what everyone else is doing
  • sleeping around recklessly not waiting for the 'right one'
  • not putting a filter on your words, 'whatever comes up, comes out'
  • choosing not to believe in a Higher Power

 Its simply the easier thing to do at that moment. Not only are you cheating yourself but you are also not pushing yourself to reach your full potential, nor are you creating something to last a lifetime. 

Taking the 'Hard' Road
  • Choosing to battle it out, no matter the situation, choosing to be the bigger person and fight for what you know is right to do
  • fighting every thought in you to just throw life in the air and just go be reckless and free doing what you want.
  • In most cases and from a human standpoint loosing the fight 
  • enduring ridicule, hard moments, times when you feel there is not a soul alive that believes in you, with a smile on your face and still continuing your fight pushing forward knowing it will be all worth it in the end

Taking the hard road requires a lot more effort. For this you need to get your mind straight. Wrap your mind around the idea and push hard with "One Goal- All your Strength" putting everything you have in you to reach your target. Taking the hard road most times is not easy. Because you are often despised, ridiculed, put down by others who think you won't make it 

The only difference between the easy road and the hard road is the results...
For the easy road your results are just as much effort as you put into it... None... but for the hard road your results are well worth the wait, its rewarding to see that all the effort you put into achieving these goals payed off. Its the laws of physics. What you put into it is what you will get out of it. 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

CookieButter Cupcake

Cookie butter cupcakes, these things were delicious. I mean DELICIOUS. Its a cupcake that tastes like cookie. I made a basic cake follow this recipe   and bake it instead in your cupcake pan for 20 minutes; then I added the most ultimate topping 'cookie butter ' a frosting to the cake. This was amazingly good; Unfortunately, I don't have a recipe yet for the cookie butter but I can tell you where you can buy it here in America. Those of you who are not in America… Sorry : - (  

This is cookie butter, it can be found in a store called trader joes here in the U.S but is also known as biscoff spread in some areas of Europe. This is a really good spread to use on cakes, cookies, bread and almost anything else. What I did was pipped it on top of my freshly baked cupcakes and there you go. Simple and yummy.

From my kitchen to yours
God Bless

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